Feliway®—Your guide to reducing feline stress

Feliway_Group_With_DiffuserDid you know that up to 77 per cent of pet owners have a pet that suffers from stress and anxiety?1,2 And 15 per cent leave vet clinics each year due to stress and anxiety in their pets?3

Going to the vet and/or being hospitalised involves a dramatic and sudden change to a cat’s environment and can be highly stressful. In the practice, cats are shut in cages, handled by unfamiliar people and forced to alter their eating patterns.4 In such circumstances, cats usually spend more time being vigilant and attempting to hide than resting for recovery, eating or even behaving normally.

In fact, not only are many conditions caused or exacerbated by stress, but stress is also known to have a negative impact on recovery. As a result, any attempt to reduce feline stress in a veterinary environment, including the use of Feliway® in the hospitalisation room, as well as in the waiting and the consultation rooms, is recommended.

What is Feliway®?

Feliway is a synthetic copy of the F3 fraction of the feline facial pheromone. Scientifically proven to help reduce signs of stress and anxiety in cats, Feliway is available in two easy-to-use formulations—a plug-in diffuser and a spray, both of which can be easily utilised in a veterinary clinic environment.

Using Feliway in clinic

A recent study demonstrated that the use of Feliway reduces cats’ stress in veterinary consultations.5 In particular, cats exposed to Feliway had significantly lower stress scores compared to the placebo group, with their owners also reporting that their cats were ‘easier to handle/more relaxed’ compared to the cats’ usual behaviour in a veterinary consultation environment.

Exposure to Feliway has also been shown to increase normal grooming behaviour, interest in food and food intake in hospitalised cats.6

Recommended use

In waiting rooms, during routine consults and hospitalisation, the Feliway Diffuser is the most convenient Feliway_Charlie-&-Bird-2-UC_UKformulation to help comfort nervous patients. In addition, Feliway Spray can also be applied to items in the consult room, in cages, on bedding, and in cat carriers (both before and after vet visits). Spraying a supply of towels at the start of each day can also save time.

Join the program that helps relieve stress and anxiety

Ceva has developed the Stress Management Program—to provide a holistic approach to managing pet stress, both in the clinic and at home. With the Stress Management Program, your clinic will benefit from education, training and tools enabling you to provide the best advice to your clients, and a stress-free clinic experience for your clients.

Call your Ceva representative today on (02) 9652 7000 or email marketing.australia@ceva.com to find out how the Ceva Stress Management Program can benefit both your clinic and your clients.

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