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TimeOnline: Trauma Patient Management

Have you ever had a trauma patient arrive, and all you can think of is ‘where do I start?’ This course is designed for emergency veterinarians as well as general practitioners on how to deal with traumatic emergencies. There are many layers of managing trauma patients, from the initial triage and stabilisation; advanced surgery; monitoring […]


TimeOnline: Feline Emergencies

An introduction to emergency medicine with particular emphasis on treating cats, including triage, shock and fluid therapy and treatment of common toxicities. Much of what we do in veterinary emergency medicine is extrapolated from human medicine and while we learn more about the unique pathophysiology of disease and responses to treatment in cats, evidence for […]


MSc Equine Science Online Programme – University of Edinburgh

Our MSc Equine Science online programme is in it's 12th year and is run from the R(D)SVS, a veterinary school ranked 6th in the world. We have many of our University of Edinburgh staff tutor on the programme but also many other internationally renown experts providing material and guest lecturering. The programme is extremely flexible, […]

Equine Digestion & Nutrition – Online – R(D)SVS – University of Edinburgh

Do you need to upskill your Equine Digestion and Nutrition knowlege? Why not take our 10 Week Postgraduate Professional Development course - taken fully online, no need to buy expensive books or journal articles. This course is led by an independent internationally recognised equine nutritionist. This course is designed to provide an in depth knowledge […]

Equine Orthopaedics – Online – R(D)SVS – University of Edinburgh

How is your equine othopaedic knowlege, want to enhance your skill set? Why not come and study our short 10 week course at postgraduate level? Taught completly online, no need to purchase expensive books or journal articles. We have a veterinary team of internationally recognised orthopaedic specialists inputting into this course. This course presents an […]

TimeOnline: Feline Behaviour

The aim of this course is to increase awareness of feline behavioural medicine, to educate about normal feline behaviour and how it influences the lives of domestic cats. There will be emphasis on the importance of recognising and controlling stress in domestic cats and the way in which this impacts on general veterinary practice. Discussion […]


TimeOnline: Animal Forensics: Cruelty & Interpersonal Violence

This course will explore the relationship between human violence and animal maltreatment, its history, its presence in the legal system, society and the family. The course will explore resources available and how veterinary professionals can work within their community to facilitate a more effective response to cruelty and violence. Veterinary nurses/technicians with a special interest […]


Fix the Face: Brachycephalic & Ear Surgery

University of Queensland, Gatton Campus

Surgical conditions of the head and neck present a challenge to most veterinarians yet more and more patients need this care due to the popularity of brachycephalic breeds. This workshop has over 7 hours of simulated surgical time to help you improve your techniques and it is also a useful adjunct to preparations for membership […]

WebinarLIVE! Chronic Diarrhoea in Dogs & Cats: a Logical Approach

Few things are more distressing to owners, and frustrating to vets, than patients with chronic and refractory diarrhoea. Elizabeth Jenkins will take you through the logical approach to work up and treatment of these cases in general practice.


Abdominal Ultrasound Workshop (Victoria)

Melbourne Polytechnic, Fairfield Victoria

Get the foundations in abdominal ultrasound you need to do more for your patients. Gain hands on practice with the probe, locating landmarks and building a systematic approach to scanning your patients. A great machine can only be effective if the user knows how to use it. Registrations are limited so book today!

The changing landscape of desexing: vasectomy, ovarian sparing spay, non-surgical, or not at all? The current evidence


Has the one-sized fits all rule of: ‘desex all non-breeding animals at 6 months’ been thrown out the window? There is increased discussion amongst our clients regarding the reasons for desexing, the side effects of desexing, and potential benefits and risks of leaving animals entire. By evaluating current evidence, this lecture will allow Veterinarians to […]

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