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arthritis in petsThis article is sponsored content brought to you by Norbrook.

Have you been wondering what services to add next to your clinic? Norbrook’s latest webinar, Rehabilitation After Cranial Cruciate Ligament Surgery, will help you approach post-surgical cases with renewed insight. Presented by Dr Helen Nicholson, a human physiotherapist whose PhD focused on the application of human physiotherapy in small animals, it opens the door to an exciting, developing new field of care.

Featuring a grading system to monitor improvement and help improve compliance, key advice on immediate post-surgical care, and exercises that can be used to improve outcomes, the webinar will stimulate discussions within your clinic.

CPD accredited for both vets and nurses, the webinar is available now as a lunch & learn presentation from your local Norbrook territory manager. This isn’t the only way Norbrook is looking to enhance the health of animals. Family owned since 1969, globally Norbrook is investing $60 million in manufacturing infrastructure and delivery systems. This significant investment will help maintain, both here and abroad, a cost-effective solution of high-quality products to treat animals and ensure the timely supply of our range.

arthritis in petsWith the addition of the new Loxicom Chewable Tablets for dogs, Norbrook’s focus on osteoarthritis has never been stronger. Offering a complete range of meloxicam treatment options with Loxicom, alongside the world’s most used active, carprofen, in Carprieve, we’re also offering an ever-expanding selection of support material for your clinic.

Our support package, created by vets for vets, is another way we’re looking to support your clinic. Focusing on raising awareness and improving compliance, the material is designed to help support, not subvert, your clinical decision, helping remove the little frustrations and make your work more satisfying.

We understand the frustration of animals being brought in with end-stage arthritis where, if seen earlier, more interventions and better quality of life would have been available. This is why we developed a series of brochures and newsletters to be used in-clinic or as mail-outs to draw attention to the signs of arthritis in pets and let your clients know that you can help.

Like you, we have experienced the frustration of breaks in compliance leading to poorer outcomes. This is why we developed an information sheet for our NSAIDs, so your clients can receive concise written compliance advice to reinforce your message. A variety of other handy support materials are available, such as dosage charts, dispensing bags and short treatment dispensing boxes for our new chews.

To book your Rehabilitation webinar or get free copies of our customer support material, contact your local territory manager, or email customercare@norbrook.com.au.

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