Tools of the Trade: Electro acupuncture unit JT-1A


Electro acupuncture unit JT-1A by Dr Steven Denley, Balance Veterinary Care, Brisbane, QLD.

featureelectro-acupunctureThere are various ways to stimulate the acupuncture points. It can be done by massage or needle or by injecting liquid. This unit is just another way to achieve that stimulation. The needles are placed as normal, the electrodes are attached and a small current is administered. It has seven leads with two clips each so it can be connected to 14 acupuncture points.

What’s good about it

Running the current through the needles creates more stimulation. It’s a modern development for an ancient treatment. I tried it on myself before using it on any animals and was happy with the results. The sensation is initially a bit irritating and then it tends to dissipate. Afterwards it feels like you’ve had a deep massage.

I use it on trigger points, painful spots and particularly on paralysed animals. There are some studies that have concluded that, for paralysed animals, electro acupuncture used in conjunction with cortisone gives as effective results as surgery. I’m not a purist who only uses Chinese medicine—I see it as complementary to conventional medicine.

Most of my clients are happy for me to use acupuncture on their animals. Those people who are a little concerned usually come around once they see the results. While this unit is only for use on cats and dogs, there’s a larger unit that’s suitable for horses.

What’s not so good

It can’t be used on hyperactive or fidgety dogs. As the machine is attached via the acupuncture needles, you’re in trouble if they walk away. You have to pick you patient. I’ve found that I can use it on about 60 per cent of animals.

Where did you get it

Jing Tang Herbal (




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