Double Ended Periosteal Elevator


double-ended-periosteal-elevatorThere are periosteal elevators that are used in orthopaedic surgery but they are much larger and chunkier than this tool. The Double Ended Periosteal Elevator is smaller, finer and designed for use in the mouth. It’s a great tool for dental work but can also be used in delicate situations during some orthopaedic surgeries.

What’s good about it
This elevator is used to raise a gingival flap when performing a tooth extraction. A scalpel blade is used to make the initial cut in the gum and then the elevator gently peels off the mucosa from the bone. Once the tooth is extracted, there’s a nice gingival flap sitting there that can be stitched back down.

If you try to perform the whole procedure with just a scalpel blade, you run the risk of slicing the flap in half or making holes in it. The elevator peels the flap up nicely without causing too much trauma. It’s designed for this specific procedure and the risk of slicing the flap is minimal.

It is double ended so it can be used right- or left-handed. One end is bigger than the other so it’s suitable for use with different sized animals. The smaller end is great for cats and the larger end is better for use with dogs. It makes extractions much easier.

What’s not so good
There is virtually nothing that could go wrong with this tool but it is technique-sensitive. There’s a tendency for people to push it along with a stabbing motion. The correct technique is to sweep it across underneath the tissue, cutting and lifting as you go.

Where did you get it

By Kate Kirkovski AVN DipVN (Dental), Newtown Veterinary Clinic, VIC.


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