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With our continued quest to bring to market the very best in diagnostic imaging solutions we have the Canon Vet CT Range. This is the next logical step in developing imaging capability for many. The Aquilion Lightning makes integrating VET CT simple and affordable. 

Intelligently designed to enable fast, efficient workflow and consistent results. With a dedicated library of Vet CT protocols, examinations can be performed with confidence. The Aquilion Lightning optimises the clinical workflow and our tailored veterinary solution makes the integration of VET CT into your business simple. Streamlined workflow from setup to diagnosis, the system is designed with the latest hardware, software and reconstruction technologies to keep pace with your busy workload while maintaining the best image quality. An intuitive user interface and a host of intelligent functions enable a fast and efficient workflow.                                                                  

With the industry’s widest CT gantry the spacious 78cm wide bore and 47cm wide couch are designed to better accommodate anaesthetised animals and associated equipment to optimise clinical workflow.

Small animals and structures need higher resolution and thinner slices. With the industry’s thinnest slices, the Aquilion Lightning is the perfect fit for small animal imaging. Featuring the industry’ s thinnest slices, the Aquilion Lightning delivers high resolution 0.5mm CT imaging for resolving the finest of structures. 

With optimised imaging performance and the latest innovative technology, it provides you with greater clinical confidence and ensures that you future proof your investment.

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