DLC now has you covered with Medipaw

Medipaw two-piece protective suit for dogs and cats

Medipaw two-piece protective suit for dogs and cats

Medipaw are the latest wound management products to help dogs and  cats recover from surgeries, injuries, and other medical concerns.

The waterproof/breathable Medipaw boot protects leg bandages, splints and casts. The Medipaw two-piece suit secures surgical incisions, and in the case of dermatological issues, stops pets who attempt to scratch or bite sensitive areas. The suits are anatomically specific for canines and felines: the dog boots are oversized to accommodate bandages on front or rear legs; the cat suits allow for litter box use.

Dispensing the Medipaw Protective Boot:

  • Facilitates compliance l Results in fewer rewraps
  • Reduces complications from wet bandages
  • Saves resources

Medipaw two-piece protective suit for cats and dogs: 

  • Alternative to E-collar
  • With skin conditions
  • With incontinence
  • For anxiety l Against ticks
  • After spays/neuters
  • Post-mastectomies

Medipaw helps owners help their pets heal, providing professional solutions to persistent clinical problems.

For more information contact: DLC Australia Pty Ltd Phone: 03 9360 9700; Email: info@dlc.com.au

“VOSM is proud to provide the Medipaw protective boot to our post-surgical patients. The boot is a much better shield against the elements than any other means we’ve tried. Plus, it looks great, the clients like it, and it is inexpensive!” Sherman O. Canapp, Jr., DVM, MS, DACVS, Veterinary Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Group

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