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digital radiology

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The digital revolution and change-over from film and chemical processing has been a long and drawn-out experience. As time has passed many people have had one or maybe two digital systems, some good and some less than satisfactory. Technology has improved both hardware and software for a market that is primarily DR flat panel now. We settled on a DR supplier who has never built CR units. Their only focus was on DR. We get approaches every week from another European or Asian supplier with a cheaper, better, faster DR. We’ve resisted the temptation because of early experiences, watching what others in the market go through and not finding a product to match what we use in all our Australian-built DR systems. You see, Digital Radiology is much like film and chemical radiology, it depends how well it is done. If you can’t collect the data from the panel, your software can’t produce an image. If your software can’t process the collected data well enough, you can’t get an image that is as close to film quality was on its best day, but with the obvious advantage being able to adjust through the dynamic range, the 4096 layers of greyscale. Then, there is the reliability and longevity of the panel. We are fortunate to now trade back panels that are over ten years old and resell them with up to three years warranty. We don’t see any other product we could do that with. So, while there may be a greater investment up front, the product will generally last twice as long making it really quite economical and you get to enjoy and profit from a top-end, fast, reliable, easy to use, and well supported system. We don’t try to be the cheapest, just the best value over the long run.

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