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Aus-ImagingAs many veterinary practices begin to convert from film-based to digital imaging, Australian Imaging & Agfa HealthCare is there. But with an influx of information available it can be difficult to work out what solution best suits your practice needs.

Computed Radiography and Direct Capture

Computed radiography (CR) technology is an affordable way for veterinary practices to transition to digital imaging.  The Agfa CR solutions are compatible with virtually all existing x-ray systems.  Instead of film, CR captures images with a cassette-based phosphor imaging plate which is placed into a CR reader, which generates a high quality digital imaging in seconds.

Direct Capture (DC) technology is a step up in ease of use and quality imaging, utilising a direct capture flat panel detector retrofitted to any existing analogue x-ray system. The Agfa DX-D Retrofit provides an easy and affordable way to go Direct Capture. The noninvasive, connection-only installation of the DX-D Retrofit solution poses no risk to your x-ray modality, while offering you all the work flow and image quality benefits of a fully digital x-ray unit.

Digital vs analogue

Speak with Australian Imaging to discover how digital can:

* Display greater detail to let you produce more exact diagnoses.

* Be electronically manipulated to adjust contrast and  brightness in areas of the image that are difficult to read.

* Deliver more consistency than analog images since digital image processing can better compensate for incorrect exposure.

* Eliminate cost of film, chemicals, processor maintenance, and other analog supplies.

* Reduce radiation exposure to staff and patients because of lower
repeat rates.

* Allow improvements with imaging workflow.

* Eliminate darkroom and film storage space and costs, as well as lost films.

* Enable veterinary practices to be more environmentally friendly by eliminating harsh processing chemicals and using  ultra-low power consumption technology.

Australian Imaging – your experts in imaging.

Australian Imaging has been providing digital imaging solutions across all modalities for over 10 years.  As imaging experts, we work on a consultative basis to ensure our clients get the best solution for their specific needs.  And we back this up with simply the best in after-sale support and training.

For more information on digital imaging generally or to arrange an onsite demonstration, simply call 1300 60 28 58.



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