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3D Volumetric Imaging
The Vimago™ High Definition 3D Volumetric scanner.

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High Definition Volumetric Imaging (HDVI) is the new standard.  Your old radiographs can lead to false negatives and underdiagnosis.  The 3D Vimago scanner is breakthrough technology that is revolutionising veterinary practices around the world.

Proven to be clinically superior to radiographs, 3D Volumetric Imaging is fast becoming the new standard in diagnostic imaging. As easy to use as conventional X-ray with the versatility of having superior or equivalent diagnostic ability to even the most advanced conventional CT. The multifunction technology replaces the need for Ultrasound and MRI scanning in many cases with the ability to view soft tissue and vascular details as well as having fluoroscopy capability. The Vimago™ High Definition 3D Volumetric Imaging system provides the highest spatial resolution clinical 3D imaging with true isotropic voxels as high as 0.09mm x 0.09mm x 0.09mm. Any patient from 50g to 90kgs, can be effectively imaged, with large animal scanning provided by The Vimago’s big brother, The Pegaso™.  

The Vimago™ breakthrough has also solved many previous problems associated with other old technology systems reducing high installation costs by being a quarter of the size of conventional CT, fitting through any standard doorway and plugging into a single phase power outlet enabling retrofit easily into almost any practice.  With the added benefit of dramatically lower radiation levels meaning safer operation, the Vimago™ is not only a diagnostic breakthrough, but proves a valuable profit centre with more services retained within the practice. 

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