Dental X-ray—thought you couldn’t afford it?

dental X-ray for pets
Dr Karen Teasdale, Angourie Road Veterinary Surgery, Yamba, NSW

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“After much deliberation for (I’m ashamed to say) a few years, I finally took the plunge and purchased the iM3 CR7 VET dental radiology unit & Port XII generator from IM3 this year in July.”

I now can’t imagine life without it.  

EVERYTHING about performing dental procedures is better now. We can identify pathology quickly, easily and we make absolutely certain now that when we perform a COHAT (Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment), we are able to address all of the patient’s pathology.  I cringe to think of what used to happen before, when we would only treat what we could see or probe…how many of our patients were walking out of here still in pain from unidentified pathology? Now we are confident that we are doing a vastly superior job for our patients.

The reports that are able to be generated are fantastic – clients love them and I have never once had someone say that the dental procedure was “too expensive” after seeing the reports.  They really highlight to the owners that dental/oral surgery is a big deal and that all pets deserve a healthy, pain-free mouth.

We received the unit at the end of July and had it up and running in full swing for August’s dental health month.  Nicole’s training day was great fun and all of my staff have really bought in to oral health as a focus.  It takes the nurses only about 10 minutes to generate a full mouth radiographic survey and they will happily point out pathology and make the appropriate excited “oooooooh!” noises when something cool shows up. All staff are very capable in using the physical equipment and the software post training.  

And of course, to mention the costs—we took enough income in the first two weeks of dental month from extraction costs alone to pay for the unit. I was absolutely stunned. My average COHAT charges have increased approximately 60%, with NO COMPLAINTS (only compliments and thanks!) from clients and I have never charged a cent for taking the radiographs!  

The increased revenue is simply from the increased work—the existing pathology that we were previously missing.  

I know that I sound like I work for IM3 now … but honestly, I am a complete convert.  My only regret is that I waited this long!

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