Data reveals many Aussies endanger their pets

pet ownership in Australia

Whether it is due to a lack of knowledge or general negligence, new research indicates that a worrying number of Australian pet owners are taking risks that expose their pets to danger.

A survey of an independent, nationally representative panel of 1003 Australian pet owners, commissioned by online comparison site, sought to uncover the types of risks Aussies take with their pets.

It found that 59 per cent of pet owners have taken risks with their furry companions that could have put them in serious danger.

Of these, almost one in four pet owners confessed to giving their pets food they shouldn’t be eating, such as grapes and raw meat. A further fifth said they had taken their pet off the leash for a walk, while 19 per cent had forgotten to close a gate or door which has led to their pet escaping. Despite chocolate being toxic to both dogs and cats, 16 per cent have left chocolate within reach of their pet.  

The survey also found that nearly one in five respondents have taken their pet pals to the vet due to one of the above-mentioned incidents. 

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