Crazy cat lady starter kit



With longer summers and warmer winters, cat breeding season in NSW now lasts the whole year leading to a huge number of kittens being born. This means that Animal Welfare League (AWL) NSW is taking care of an unprecedented number of cats and kittens in all their shelters—with the waiting list growing daily.

Cats are legally allowed to roam, so when they aren’t desexed they’re able to mate easily. Although desexing is definitely a way to break the over-breeding cycle, it does not address or resolve what is a more urgent problem—the need to find our feline friends new ‘forever’ homes.

The Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit is a terrific initiative for would-be cat owners, helping ensure cats and kittens settle in to their new homes quickly and happily. Owners also score some goodies.

For just $50 you get: a cat or kitten, cat collar, cat toy, flea treatment, Crazy Cat T-shirt, AWL NSW 2016 Calendar, and AWL NSW tote bag.

Owning a cat has many benefits:

  • they help relieve stress—just patting a cat is instantly calming
  • they’re a great conversation starter when you’ve got guests
  • they’re wonderful companions
  • they don’t talk back

The campaign runs until 31 July. Even if all 100 kits sell out, the offer of a cat or kitten for just $50 still stands.


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