Tools of the trade: CR 7 Vet digital X-ray


vet digital X-rayby Dr Craig Kelly, Blaxland Veterinary Clinic, NSW

The CR 7 Vet is a digital X-ray unit specifically designed for dental work. That is predominantly how we use it in the practice but its portable nature allows us to also use it in different ways.

What’s good about it

The portable X-ray camera comes with three different sized plates. I’ve found that the largest plate is perfect for X-raying the feet of dogs and cats. I’ve even used it to X-ray a ferret’s tail that had been caught in a door. We also use this unit during surgery. If we’ve done a pinning or something like that, we can pop the plate into a sterile drape and position it right where it needs to be. Once the X-ray is taken, we can check the depth of the pin and decide whether it needs to be put in further. It’s really handy because otherwise the dog would have to be taken from surgery, carried into the X-ray room, and then carried back. Using the CR 7 makes it a two-minute job. It’s great when you need quick information on the fly. The image quality is very good and the results are produced quickly. The image can be manipulated a number of different ways after it has been produced. At the end of each procedure, I save all the X-rays to the patient file.

This really is a great dental X-ray unit but the ability to utilise it in a number of other ways certainly adds value to the machine.

What’s not so good

Occasionally we have some software issues, but we just phone IM3 and they sort it out very quickly.

Where did you get it

IM3 (


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