Considerations in purchasing Digital Radiography (DR) systems

digital radiography systems
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Most buyers will consider price and country of manufacture when deciding on a DR panel (or talk to their colleagues).  Although price is important and the manufacturer is also important, they are not the only considerations.

CsI or Gadox? CsI is more efficient, however there is little perceptible difference.  There are opinions on the life time of the scintillator that differ.

Gray Scale: This varies from 12 to 16 bits (or more in specialised systems. A16 bit word or conversion will produce a vast 65,536 shade of grey. The more greys, the greater the ability to differentiate tissue densities and better diagnosis.

Resolution: For most medical and veterinary radiology application 140 microns is acceptable. Resolution is also presented as Line Pairs per millimetre which is a more subjective measure of resolution.

Leakage current: This is big factor in the performance of the panel as it will degrade the ability of the panel to produce a true representation of the anatomy.  

Automatic Exposure Detection or AED: Some panel manufacturers have not quite perfected this and therefore results in longer and unpredictable acquisition times. 

Battery life (wireless panels) depends on the number and quality of the batteries  and the amount of power consumed by the panel in idle state. This varies with panel manufacture. 

Components for DR panel are often sourced from different countries for and therefore the panels may have a formal Certificate of Origin, however no particular pedigree in terms the location of manufacture.

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