Communities prepare to protect themselves and their animals in emergencies

protecting animals in emergencies
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World Animal Protection in collaboration with vets and local wildlife carers are taking the message of bushfire preparedness to at-risk regions in the North Coast and Northern Tablelands to help animals and communities in bushfires. 

The community expos (which started in October) will take place at local farmers markets across the regions and continue through November and December, with the next community expo being held at Tenterfield Farmers and Producers Market on 20 November starting 8am.

To help all regions prepare for the bushfire season, World Animal Protection is also hosting a webinar on how communities can protect pets, farm animals and wildlife in emergencies. To register, visit

Animals are often the forgotten victims in bushfires, with tragically, almost three billion animals killed, injured or displaced as more than 15,000 fires burned 19 million hectares of Australian land in 2019-2020. Bushfires are a devastating reminder to prepare a disaster plan, and World Animal Protection is reminding people to include their animals in this plan too. 

Communities will learn about emergency response and planning for animals in at-risk regions, how to assist injured wildlife, and how to include pets in a disaster plan to help keep them safe.

As well as this, the community are being provided with information packs and family friendly educational activities to help assist them in including animals in their bushfire disaster plan.

“There was an outpouring of compassion for animals during the summer bushfires, but despite this eager support, many were unaware of how to best help wildlife and protect their pets before, during and after the fires,” said Ben Pearson, interim country director, World Animal Protection.

“We know people want to help animals in emergencies on-the-ground, and these community events will give them the knowledge, and empower them to protect their pets, farm animals, and wildlife, before, during and after bushfires.”

Local residents can get involved by attending any of the following community events:

Coffs Harbour Twilight Food Market – 12/11/2021 – 5pm

Harbourside Markets Coffs Harbour – 14/11/2021 – 8am

Tenterfield Farmers and Producers Market – 20/11/2021 – 8am

Murwillumbah Sunday Market – 28/11/2021 – 8am 

Lismore Farmers Market – 04/12/2021 – 8am


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