CHROMOPHAREThis surgical light is made by Berchtold and is a vast improvement over the old lights we used to have in our practice. Our surgery only has one window and if it’s a gloomy day, not much light gets into the room. The old lights would also get quite hot and they weren’t very bright.

What’s good about it

The CHROMOPHARE uses LED lighting so they remain cool while producing nice even light. The lack of heat from the LED light is very much appreciated on a hot summer’s day. The LED globes also have an extremely long life so they don’t need to be changed regularly.

These lights make every procedure easier. Whether it’s a routine desexing, soft-tissue surgery, orthopaedic work, an ear clean, dental extractions, or a basic stitch-up, having effective illumination really makes a difference.

The light is attached to the roof by a long arm. It moves very smoothly and can be easily positioned at the most convenient angle. Once you’ve placed the light at the perfect height and angle, it stays in position and doesn’t spring back.

Surgical lights are usually quite bright and often reflect off the metal of the instruments. The CHROMOPHARE has adjustable brightness so it can be turned down for general procedures or increased for finer work. When you’re looking into the body cavity of an animal through a small incision, it’s great to be able to turn up the brightness very high.

Optimal lighting is essential for any veterinary surgery and the CHROMOPHARE is a great choice.

What’s not so good

This is a very good light that works pretty much perfectly. We have another light made by a different company that needs to be unscrewed and re-tightened every time you re-position it. The CHROMOPHARE can be placed in any position and will stay there until you move it.

Where did you get it

Bloodline Equipment

by Dr Shalini Selvarajah, Dapto Veterinary Clinic, NSW




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