China set to build world’s largest animal cloning centre


China set to build world’s largest animal cloning centreScientists from company BoyaLife, in China, are building the largest animal cloning centre that researchers claim could save endangered animals. However, the current focus of the facility will be the increasing demand for beef in China.

Blueprints for the facility were unveiled earlier this week canvassing the 200 million yuan project. Xu Xiaochun, BoyaLife’s chief executive told The Guardian the facility would be ready to open in 2016.

“We are going [down] a path that no one has ever travelled. We are building something that has not existed in the past.”

The centre, operating from Tianjin, will aim to produce 100,000 cow embryos for consumption per year, with an end goal of canvassing 5 per cent of the Chinese beef market.

Boyalife scientists are additionally intending to clone elite forms of other domesticated animals, in particular race horses and sniffer dogs at the centre. Xu believes the factory will to bring endangered species back from the brink of extinction.

“This is going to change our world and our lives,” said Xu. “It is going to make our life better. So we are very, very excited about it.”

Though China has recently suffered some very disturbing food safety scandals (including disguising rat meat as lamb), governmental media channels were quick to support BoyaLife’s produce as fit for consumption.

Professor Zhang Yong from the veterinary medicine college of Northwest A&F University, told the China Daily that “beef from cloned cattle is safe to eat,” he further  claimed that the cloning process does not affect the composition of the beef.

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