Ceva’s Readyserve Injection now registered

Injectable altrenogestCeva’s injectable altrenogest, Readyserve Injection, received registration on 30 June this year.

The product has been available on permit for some time, with most vets preferring the injectable format to the liquid for the suppression of oestrus in mares.

The injection provides convenient weekly dosing and less risk of exposure when handling the product. Vets can now purchase the product from their usual wholesaler without the need to complete paperwork required for permit products.

The Readyserve oral products will continue to be available and are particularly useful to induce oestrus and/or control the timing of oestrus.

For further information, please contact Ceva Animal Health Email: info.australia@ceva.com Phone: 02 9652 7000

Ceva Animal Health Pty Ltd

From its inception as Nature Vet 35 years ago, Ceva has been a solution provider
to equine veterinarians and their clients.

Ceva has expanded, but its commitment to equine health remains as strong as ever. By retaining local product development and manufacturing and leveraging global capabilities, Ceva is well-placed to meet the requirements of its clients.

Ceva is dedicated to delivering products which meet all the relevant quality and regulatory requirements, to ensure peace of mind and optimal health outcomes.

As one of the few pharmaceutical companies still manufacturing in Australia, supporting local industry and providing local jobs is key to Ceva’s values but also allows the company to provide a responsive service to the changing needs of its clients.

Ceva is committed to supporting the veterinary industry in its shared ambition to improve equine health.

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