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Practice Economics

CARTROPHEN is convenient to the owner, effective and safer for the animal. It allows for monitoring of the condition, increased compliance and increased service by the veterinary surgeon.  Its low cost per dose and higher proportion of charges in relation to service makes it a business winner. Offer your clients the disease modifying option.


CARTROPHEN has a spectrum of pharmaceutical activities that target multiple sites in the metabolic, immunological and circulatory defects associated with osteoarthritis.  The clinical response seen is due to improvement of the underlying disease, leading to less pain and thus increased use. This is a different mode of action to NSAIDs, which suppress the inflammation resulting from these changes, but have minimal effects on disease progression or reversal. CARTROPHEN has been demonstrated to be superior in clinical efficacy to the NSAID ‘carprofen’. It has greater efficacy than nutritional supplements, which have failed to achieve convincing scientific evidence of clinical effects.  


CARTROPHEN has an exemplary safety record, and is one of the few veterinary drugs to have published a review of the adverse reaction reports in a scientific journal.  Effects documented are rare, mild and transitory and involve mainly depression and vomiting shortly after administration in the dog.  Compared to NSAIDs which have a significant profile of serious side effects including death, gastric ulceration and perforation and liver and kidney toxicity, Cartrophen is the safe choice.


CARTROPHEN contains a human quality active Pentosan Polysulfate (PPS).  The identical PPS is marketed in Australia and the United States as Elmiron ® for the indication interstitial cystitis for humans and in a number of other countries including Germany for the treatment of venous thrombosis in humans. V

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