Carrick Teasdel, a cattle grazier from the Central Highlands, was figuring on a long and peaceful retirement

cattle grazierThat was until he observed his local vets performing surgery on large animals. For much of his life, Carrick had been an importer of U.S. sutures for use in Australian hospitals, dentistry and general practice.

Watching vets operate on horses and cattle, it was obvious that these surgeons were facing surgical challenges for which there were no purpose-built sutures. The crossover from swaged sutures designed for human surgery, to small animal surgery had been seamless; but for large animals, not so much.

After consultation with Australian bovine and equine surgeons, Carrick and his two daughters, Annaliesse and Julia, have created more than 30 new needle/suture combinations exclusively for large animal surgery.

Equine Closures

No one wants to waste money on small incisions. Opening a packet of multinational brand sutures will likely cost you $7-$14 per suture. Our new sutures shown here range between $2.77 and $3.47 per foil. This makes wound closure affordable. We have developed a range of shorter length sutures, for use in common procedures such as caslicks and arthroscopy port closures. These are made in both high visibility, fluorescent pink polypropylene and a range of absorbables.

Bovine Closures

Why continue to struggle with cassettes and open-eyed needles?

SilverGlide has developed, swaged-on sutures for Caesarian section. Needles are attached to 130cm lengths, for effective skin and internal tissue closure.

Our most expensive suture costs around $6 per foil. The total suture cost for a Caesarian section is around $23.

Check out our selection in the advertisment opposite or online at We look forward to speaking with you soon. Call Carolyn any time on 1300 365 241

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