Canine and feline dermatological issues: Which diet when?

Canine and feline dermatological issues

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The dermatology decision tree

ROYAL CANIN® offers vet clinics a modified decision tree to help guide clinicians through dermatology consults and identify the most appropriate diet. If parasites and infection have been ruled out, then a food elimination trial should be completed using Anallergenic diet. 

Utilising a revolutionary protein source (low molecular weight feather hydrolysate)

Anallergenic is manufactured in such a way to eliminate ancillary proteins from key ingredients, and ensure the production of a truly hypoallergenic diet. Hydrolysed to such an extent, 95 per cent of the diet is less than 1kDa of molecular weight.

If food allergy is diagnosed through the food elimination trial, Anallergenic can also be used as a long-term management diet for this condition. 

On the other hand, if food allergy is ruled out, then using the decision tree, it is clear that the ROYAL CANIN® Skin Support diet is indicated for three out of four disease processes—support for atopy as well as pets with parasites or bacterial infections.

Offering the most comprehensive dermatological range of diets, ROYAL CANIN® has you covered.

canine and feline dermatological issuesROYAL CANIN® knows nutrition

Itchy pets often end up causing secondary trauma to the skin barrier. The ROYAL CANIN® Skin Barrier Complex, consisting of B-group vitamins and an amino acid, has been heralded as one of the most effective ways of improving the quality and strength of the skin barrier. The skin barrier is like a ‘brick wall’—the epidermis is the outer-most layer of the skin and comprises specialised cells (i.e. bricks) surrounded by a specialised lipid matrix (i.e. the mortar between the bricks).

Together, this forms the skin barrier and nutrition plays a significant part in its integrity. The ROYAL CANIN® Skin Barrier Complex is included within all of the dermatology range diets.

In addition, the ROYAL CANIN® Skin Support Complex has been integral in supporting skin healing and regeneration. The combination of turmeric, aloe vera, taurine and lutein has been shown to inhibit seven out of eight bacterial species on canine skin, as well as promoting fibroblast migration which facilitates healing. The ROYAL CANIN® Skin Support Complex is a key component of the Skin Support diet. 

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