Calling all aspiring vets


Nearly a VetA veterinary hospital in Brisbane has come up with a terrific initiative to educate primary school children on what the job of a veterinarian entails.

On Saturday 7 April 3-4.30pm, wanna-be vets are invited to Manly Road 24hr Veterinary Hospital (MRVH) to attend the ‘Nearly a Vet Convention’—the brainchild of children’s author Rebecca Johnson whose series of books include Juliet nearly a Vet and Vet Cadets.

These books are very popular with young readers so the team at MRVH approached Johnson about holding one of her ‘Vet Conventions’ at their hospital.

Attendees will practise their vetting skills with other ‘Nearly Vets’ and learn about the real things vets do. They’ll also get some tips on great story writing and character development, as well as receive a ‘Nearly a Vet’ kit to take home, containing a proper child-sized heavy duty lab coat, a working stethoscope, a Nearly a Vet diary, a specimen jar and much more.

For more information and to buy tickets (it’s $35 per child) click here.



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