Better Pet Vets discuss their journey with VetPartners

Dr Holly Goldring (left) and nurse Emily Bozier attend to a patient.

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Drs Ashley Young and Holly Goldring tell us more about their transition to VetPartners.

How has selling to VetPartners improved your life and what are you now doing differently?

“We are still highly involved and engaged in the day to day practice however we feel that now we are better versions of ourselves.  We find ourselves pulled in less directions, so we have more time together to enjoy being vets. Having the ability to delegate more around HR, legislation and the overall business support team has made a big difference.  It means we are more available to mentor our staff, be there for our clients and their pets and for being a vet.”

Selling your practice is likely to be one of the biggest decisions you make—it’s your life’s work. What made you decide to choose VetPartners?

“We wanted to maintain the standard we have at the scale that we wanted, in order to achieve this, we needed some help. Scale is hard to manage at any veterinary practice with eight vets and forty staff members, we needed a transitioning partner like VetPartners that can help take the load away.”

Tell us about the acquisition process. Was the process of selling transparent and did VetPartners meet your expectations?

“VetPartners understand that every business is different, they don’t sweat the small stuff and they focus on the big picture and values. The transition team are great, it is an emotional process, having them by your side makes the process easier. The more we have interacted with the team at VetPartners the more we have noticed how talented the team are and how good they are at what they do.”

How have you felt since you sold your practice to VetPartners?

“The opportunity to have days or weekends off, spend more time together as a couple and even take a two-week holiday which we could never do. We have just been on our first holiday in over ten years, its great knowing that you have a supportive team and structure in place that allows for these opportunities.”

What would you say to other vendors contemplating a sell?

“We would advise you to do your research, talk to others that have been transitioned by other companies to understand the differences. Make sure your practice and the company have the same philosophy. The VetPartners model has ensured our business makes very few changes with Join Us. Stay You as the ethos, it has allowed our business to continue. For us it’s business as usual without any of the noise.”

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