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pet ultrasound
A new ultrasound training course that will fast track your ultrasound skills, taking you from novice to expert in no time.

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You’ve seen ultrasound in action and you know how you want to use it to drive better outcomes for your patients. 

You’ve done a course and understand the clinical application but still can’t use your machine or get good images. 

pet ultrasound

You’ve seen it demonstrated and now you realise just how tricky it can be to get a good image in a real-world clinical context. Let’s face it – without a good image you can’t get a good diagnosis. And without a good diagnosis, you can’t manage your patients well. 

Zedu and BCF Ultrasound are teaming up to provide a new ultrasound training course – The Pet Ultrasound – FAST course. We’ve reimagined how ultrasound training can be delivered. By using proven techniques that work in the human world and combining with vet ultrasound experts we bring you a program that will fast track your ultrasound skills and take your clinical practice to the next level.

pet ultrasound

We’re focused on developing your knowledge, skills and confidence to take you from novice to expert in the shortest time possible.

We’re passionate about inspiring best practice learning that sets the standard and drives better patient care and ultimately results in better clinical outcomes.

Our expert sonographer educators have honed their skills over years of teaching sonographers and medical professionals and are the best in their field at developing real take home practical ultrasound skills. Our secret lies in not glossing over the fundamentals. We know that you want to skip to the good stuff, the clinical stuff. BUT…. Without first understanding how your machine works and how to get good images you really can’t apply the tool in a way that’ll make a difference for your patients. 

pet ultrasound

Just as ultrasound skills are transferable between cats and dogs, they’re also transferable between humans and small animals. We’ll teach you the fundamentals using human patient models. This means you’ll get LOTS of hands-on practice. Because our human patient models can consent for the scan for teaching purposes and can actually give you feedback on your technique, we can give you more scanning practice without compromise. You’ll get plenty of opportunity to get to know and use the machine – the same machines you’ll find in your clinical practice. With cutting edge technology supplied by BCF Ultrasound we’ll show you the tips and tricks for getting good images. 

When you leave the Pet Ultrasound- FAST course you’ll be able to answer important clinical questions that will help you manage your patients better. You’ll have the skills and confidence to use your machine and recognise normal anatomy and “see” the effects of trauma on small animals.

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