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Medical Plus are known for having the best range in ultrasound technology, and we aim to have the best product at every price point. Great products and fast, efficient service are what we are all about. “We’ve been in the industry for coming up on 20 years and our in-house servicing sets us apart,” says Earl Rowland, Medical Plus’ national sales manager. “Vets come for the quality products, but stay for the service we provide.

“We’re fast and we’re efficient; people don’t have much down time with us. If your X-ray system goes down and it takes a week to fix it then you’re going to be in trouble. We make sure clients don’t have to worry by rectifying problems as quickly as possible.”

Just ask Dr Malcolm Ware, from The Vet Practice and Veterinary Integrative Medicine Centre in Whittlesea, Victoria.

“When on the lookout for up-to-date quality imaging equipment we always contact Medical Plus first. Over many years of dealing with them for ultrasound, and now CT, we have always found them to be excellent and reliable. Not only for the purchase, but for all aspects of after-sales service, from implementation to dealing with any issues that arise with the equipment.”

MyLab Delta

MyLab Delta  is the newly introduced model in the popular MyLab range. It has taken the next step in quality for ultrasound imaging and is vet specific!!



• Easy to clean

• Two protected transducer connectors on board

• 13.3” LCD wide-screen monitor

• Long-lasting, fast-charging battery

• Fifteen seconds battery-based start-up time

• Optional height-adjustable robust trolley with four large swiveling wheels


The Fidex is a 3-in-1 product—CT, X-ray and fluoroscopy; it’s the only of its kind in the world. The Fidex system is specifically designed for the veterinary industry, they don’t sell them in the human world. You can do CT, X-ray and fluoroscopy all on the one unit and it’s relatively inexpensive.

While some of the really big practices can afford to shell out on a standard service contract, we know many smaller practices can’t. This system offers a more economical service contract. We think for medium-to-large practices, it’s the perfect fit.


• CT field of view of up to 23 cm diameter x 54 cm length

• Digital radiography (DR) – 17” x 17”
one-shoot imaging plate

• Fluoroscopy (FL) – 5” x 5” (13 cm x 13 cm) imaging plate

• X-ray source 60 – 120 kVp; 0.6 and 0.3 mm focus

• Gantry and table – C-arm type gantry with motorised rotational positioning and large field of view (up to 23 cm diameter in volume CT mode)

• Interchangeable tables

• Motorised table: up/down and in/out

• Power source/consumption – standard 15 Amp,120 V/60 Hz outlet; optionally 240 V/50 Hz/60 Hz input. Average power consumption is less than 250 W, and

• Footprint – 8’ 10”(L) x 4’ 10”(W) x 6’ 2”(H).

CloudDR high definition digital radiography 

The case for direct digital radiography is compelling. In fact, widespread adoption of this digital technology will forever change veterinary imaging, in much the same way that digital cameras replaced film, smart phones displaced cell phones, and GPS marginalised paper maps. The case for delay has been refuted. The time is now. From today until your upgrade, every film taken effectively increases your costs. Every overdosed film exposure, retake, chemical, processor failure, and envelope storage of a film makes our industry less friendly to the environment. The only questions that remain are those of choice. Cuattro offers amazing imaging, all with the ease of multi-touch software—just like you use on your phone.


• Direct deposition cesium

• 100-micron pixel size

• HD pixel density. 18 million (17×17), 15 million (14×17)

• Resolution of at least 5 lp/mm

• 16 Bit A/D 16 Bit grayscale native

• 16 Bit multi-frequency tuning

• Windows 8 embedded – 64-bit OS

• Multi-touch user interface

• Cloud based PACS connectivity

• Software upgrades and updates, and 24/7 live technical support.

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