BCF Duo Scan cattle ultrasound


BCF300BCF Duo Scan cattle ultrasound by Dr David Swan, Swan’s Veterinary Services, Esperance, WA.

We’re a pretty industrial-strength cattle practice that does a lot of pregnancy testing. I’ve been using the BCF for 10 years and I wouldn’t be in the game anymore if we didn’t have one of these. They make pregnancy testing much easier on the body. In my opinion, it’s the best ultrasound on the market.

What’s good about it: We test about 30,000 cows a year and when you’re doing that many, there are plenty of long hard days. Manually testing so many cows was starting to make my wrists and hands painful. I’m sure this probe has greatly extended my working career. There’s a small monocular screen to view the image. This screen can hang off a baseball cap, is very easy to read and most importantly, you retain full peripheral vision. They are still very good in full, bright sunlight. The older binocular systems gave you no peripheral vision and so you were more likely to be injured. Once you have used one of these monocular screens, you would never go back to the old system. You can also purchase a Bluetooth viewing screen that is great for educational purposes with students. The student or the owner can stand safely to one side and see the results of the ultrasound. It’s also very robust—just a beautiful piece of equipment.

What’s not so good: The negative aspects of ultrasonic pregnancy testing are not directly related to the BCF unit—it is simply the nature of the ultrasonic pregnancy diagnosis. There are always situations where the result is inclusive and you have to go in and have a feel. Big, fat, old cows are the worst. The pregnancy may have dropped down out of view so you must always manually confirm empty status. It is very important to realise that even with an excellent unit such as the BCF, you still need to be an accurate manual pregnancy tester.

Where did you get it? BCF Ultrasound (www.bcfultrasound.com)


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