AVA says national horse register is a no-brainer

national horse register

In light of the current catastrophic bushfires in New South Wales and Queensland, and those earlier this year in Victoria, there is a need for the immediate implementation of a national horse register, according to the Australian Veterinary Association.

“Efficient, practical and functional radiofrequency identification (RFID) devices and a national horse register would provide traceability to ensure that we can easily return horses to their rightful owner following any natural disaster,” said Dr Sam Nugent, president of AVA’s Equine Veterinarians Australia (EVA) group.

“If we review the evidence from the extreme bushfires in Victoria this year, we found that tracing the owners of horses which were found after the event, sometimes injured and in need of treatment, was extremely difficult.”

In the wake of recent events, the EVA has urged all horse owners to act to ensure that the identity of their horses is secured.

Electronic identification of horses and the implementation of a national horse register is essential for traceability, not just in natural disasters, but throughout a horse’s life. Microchips allow operators to identify individual animals by means of a unique identification number. 

The implanted microchips must conform to Australian Standard AS 5019-2001, and should an animal change ownership or residence, the system can be easily updated to ensure accurate records are on file. 

This article was sourced from a press release on the AVA website.


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