AVA sends submission to Hendra inquiry


AVA sends hendra submission to inquiry

The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) has just put forward a submission to the Queensland government on their inquiry into the Hendra vaccine. The AVA’s statement covers recommendations and solutions for the ongoing Hendra situation and details the difficulties of Qld’s equine vets in the current climate.

The equine vet’s spokesperson, Dr Nathan Anthony, sought further cooperation and open lines of communication between stakeholders.

“Animal welfare, workplace health and safety and public safety are shared responsibilities where vets, government agencies and horse owners all have a role to play,” said Dr Anthony.

“We’ve provided a detailed submission to the inquiry outlining our recommendations in relation to the terms of reference of the inquiry.

“We’re hopeful that our recommendations will be taken on board so that we can find a positive solution to the ongoing concerns that vets, horse owners and the community have in relation to Hendra virus,” he said.

Equine vets in Queensland have found the recent work climate particularly difficult after three vets last year were prosecuted by Workplace Health and Safety over their management of the disease.

“In recent years, veterinarians in particular have had to consider increasingly complex risks in their decisions relating to Hendra virus.

“This is due to a range of factors including the unpredictability of the disease, the death of two vets, and the inability to insure against business interruption if a veterinary practice is quarantined following a confirmed case of Hendra.

“It’s not always easy to communicate these complexities and the expectations of government agencies such as Workplace Health and Safety Queensland to horse owners with a sick horse needing emergency care.

“So we really appreciate the opportunity to make a submission to the inquiry that sets out our concerns and recommendations clearly, and that provides the supporting evidence for our suggested way forward.

“We look forward to fully participating in the inquiry and reading the final report which is due to be presented to the Queensland government in August this year,” said Dr Anthony.

The submission, once it has been accepted, can be viewed here.


  1. Even vaccinated horses require veterinary use of PPE – no vaccine is 100% effective & vaccination will not prompt removal of Hendra from the differential diagnosis list – the absolute minimum WHS requirement in all industries is PPE use. Vaccination is not the answer to the issues QLD vets are having with WHS.

  2. "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." - Abraham Lincoln

    Vaccinating the vets is epidemiologically sensible. Vaccinating a population of horses is not.
    The vaccine was trialed on apes. It has overlap with Nipah to which a vaccine for those in contact with pigs in the US is being sought after. Chase that avenue.
    What on earth is the AVA on about trying to vaccinate a population of horses?

  3. I am really over all these arguments. My horse was diagnosed with barbiturate poisoning, with symptoms which massively better fit that than HeV in a very ‘political’ and media driven environment – then later ‘officially’ diagnosed with HeV after ‘conclusive’ testing was clear. One veterinarian was upheld as committing a breach of client confidentiality (selling a story to media, harming my children) – but not actioned against by the AVA as they ‘withdrew membership’. My diagnosing vet was suddenly ‘headhunted’ by BQ -(then the DPI, Qld) – and the Principal of that practice has since told OTHER clients that my horse did NOT have HeV !- but would not stand against the DPI (too political – too much to lose) – Differential diagnosis is a joke – (which was refused me by the Govt. ‘Gods’) as was shown again in 2011 – when many horses were not even tested for Arboviruses in Qld, but tested +’ve or -‘ve to HeV with no further diagnosis when Kunjin, MVE etc was spiking in every other state (but not here!-even following floods!). The USA (military scientists) have been in on the patents list for HeV story in Australia since the year dot – but it took years before any science was bought BACK from them – (national embarrassment)… and now the vaccine which was finally floated seems to be killing more horses than the disease itself! As always, luckily – they ‘bury their mistakes’ and they are still using their dysfunctional PCR (by their own earlier admission and later re-designed ‘in house’ from blood from very bodgy cases) – or a test (designed primarily by the USA- here) which doubles for other Arboviruses, and was not ‘accepted’ by ‘peer’ review till years after it produced some very damning ‘results’. Geez – you guys can scrap all you like – I will never, ever keep another horse – they ‘attract Gov’t flies’ and you can shove your corruption where the sun doesn’t shine, because you won’t be making any more mega-fortunes on the back of my family’s grieving – because I have no horses – and no family, now. Thanks to the political manoeuvring of a select rich (now) few. Yes – I do have evidence of my claims – and no, I don’t give a hoot if this comment never sees the light of day. I am expecting it. You people make me sick. On behalf of my murdered horse, (who was an innocent and beautiful soul and deserved nothing more than a life of love and compassion following the abuse I took him from) – I wish you all the best. Keep wearing those blinkers!, at least they keep out the light.


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