AVA animal behaviour roadshows


ava-animal-behaviour-workshopsThe Australian Veterinary Assocation [AVA] is set to stage a series of roadshows through spring, bringing together the profession and the public to exaimine the latest approaches in changing certain behaviours in companion animals of dogs and cats. Hosted by the AVA’s behaviour group, focus topics include dog aggression, anxiety in dogs and cats, and a range of other common behavioural problems.

“We’re really pleased to be open up our evening sessions to the public,” said Dr Jacqui Ley, the events’ co-presenter. “During these sessions we’ll be covering dog etiquette in the park, on the street and at the café, and how to read pets’ body language.” Dr Ley will present alongside Dr Gabrielle Carter.

Other highlights of the conference include:

  • Behaviour modification techniques for aggression between dogs
  • Managing the anxious dog
  • Behaviour modification and relaxation exercises
  • Understanding cat behaviour.

Roadshows are being held in Sydney 12 September; Adelaide 26 September; Hobart 10 October and Melbourne 24 October.


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