Tools of the trade: Otoscope


Austvet Endoscopy Otoscopeby Dr Stephan Miechel, Benalla Veterinary Clinic, VIC

This is a relatively inexpensive otoscope from Austvet Endoscopy that works beautifully in the ear. We have also found a number of alternative uses for it such as rhinoscopy in larger dogs, vaginoscopy and pharyngeal exams.

What’s good about it

This otoscope comes with a 300 x 1.6 millimetre flexible grasping forceps that fits through a channel in the unit, and can be used for suction and flushing. It’s a direct or zero degree view scope that can be hooked up to a camera and endoscopy lightsource or used standalone with a bright LED rechargeable light source. The scope is boxed in an aluminium case.

We routinely capture video from grass seed removals which usually fascinates and can impress clients—even though some of the magnified images from filthy ears can be quite gross.

The LED throws out excellent light intensity and operating the forceps through the channel of the otoscope makes it very easy to hook onto grass seeds and debris. It’s handy for taking biopsies and we also use it when intubating rabbits.

It’s a robust stainless steel unit which makes it very easy to clean and autoclave. Unless you actually dropped and smashed it, it’s almost impossible to damage.

What’s not so good

The channel is a little bit tight when passing the flexible forceps as it bends through the otoscope.

Where did you get it

Austvet Endoscopy (


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