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In the seven years of operation to date, Australian College of Veterinary Nursing has grown from a small continuing education provider to delivering Australia’s most comprehensive veterinary nursing qualifications. ACVN have a range of accredited qualifications from Certificate II to Diploma level and non-accredited courses, covering all stages of a veterinary nurse’s career.

At ACVN, our graduates are 100 per cent job ready. We believe vet nurses must not only know how to perform a task, but understand the theory and the reasoning behind it. ACVN Nurses graduate with the ability to fully understand concepts behind the tasks they perform which means they are great problem solvers, have critical thinking skills and can pre-empt the needs of the clinicians. They can support veterinarians from day one, allowing vets to focus time and skills on patient treatment, consulting and surgery, improving business profits and workflow.

Our comprehensive resources are developed in house by experts in both veterinary nursing and educational strategies. All resources are independently reviewed prior to release to ensure the information is current, relevant and beneficial to your clinic. Our educators are extremely passionate about both education and the veterinary industry. The ACVN Nurse Educator team has experience in many different areas of veterinary nursing, ensuring that our depth of knowledge, skill and experience exceeds expectations.

ACVN uses a blended delivery approach. Theory is delivered through comprehensive written resources complemented by an online learning centre full of instructional videos, recorded lectures, interactive e-learning presentations, quizzes and other support materials. Practical experience is gained from time in the veterinary practice, either through employment or placement, under the guidance of a Clinical Mentor. ACVN Graduates complete over double the clinical hours of other providers. This real-world learning is vital for the transfer of skill and knowledge gained from ‘class’ into real clinical practice. Interaction with other nurses and veterinarians, and patients and owners, helps to cement interpersonal and communication skills, ensuring ACVN Nurses represent your clinic well.

There are many benefits to the ACVN blended programs. The theoretical workload is minimally disruptive to the workflow of the clinic, while still enabling the student to increase their skills and knowledge. For the individual, they can fit study around work and home life. For the clinic, rostering is easier as you don’t need to fit around campus attendance times.

Due to the complex practical nature of veterinary nursing, ACVN also have a range of hands-on workshops. These are run as either half or full day events all around the country and cover a diverse range of skills from novice to advanced nursing. Workshops are available to all veterinary nurses, not just our students, and are designed to increase nurse capability to deliver optimal patient care for your clients.

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The Nurse Educators at ACVN offer so much support and they go out of their way to help you even in their time off. I also love the fact that I can study via distance learning and still work, gaining as much experience as possible.

The Emergency Nursing subject was my favourite. I love the thrill I get when an emergency arrives! Now that I have studied the subject I feel our team works so much better together. I have also really enjoyed learning about the anatomy and physiology of the animal’s body. It is fascinating how the body works.

I am currently the head nurse in a busy three-vet practice. My studies with ACVN have helped me to grow and improve our clinic by implementing new protocols that are beneficial to the practice.

Yvonne Funk, ACVN Graduate 2017, ACM40412 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing


I always knew I wanted to pursue a career with animals, but struggled with finding direction. To date, my career has taken me from working as a stablehand with thoroughbreds, to working as a dog groomer, to being currently employed as a veterinary nurse in a large purpose-built veterinary hospital. Without my studies with ACVN, I would definitely be lost as to where I would want to be in my career; my educators and my studies have given me focus.

I love studying with ACVN as the standard is set at such a high level that I know I am achieving a quality qualification. The educators are always helpful through student assist, and regular workshops in Brisbane provide us with hands-on learning and a chance to meet other students and teachers in person.

Brooke McKenzie, ACVN Graduate 2017, ACM40412 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

To learn more about being a Clinical Mentor for ACVN Students, please visit This website aims to better support those clinics that take on ACVN students. It includes details on all the assessment tasks expected, information on what the student is taught during their course, and has a free continuing education section.

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