Aussies prefer Australian-made pet care products


If it’s Australian made, say it. That’s the latest call from the Australian Made Campaign, which is encouraging companies that make Australian animal and pet care products to display their Aussie credentials and leverage consumer preference for Australian-made products.

Roy Morgan research recently revealed that more than two thirds of Australians (69.9 per cent) prefer to buy genuine Australian-made products. Moreover, the Australian-made attribute is particularly important to consumers looking to purchase animal and pet care products (74 per cent).

“It comes as no surprise that consumers are increasingly demanding authentic, premium-quality products that originate from our clean, green environment and are made to demanding Australian standards,” said Australian Made Campaign chief executive, Ian Harrison.

“And the best way for business to tell consumers that their products are genuinely Aussie is by branding them with the Australian Made logo.

“The famous green and gold kangaroo logo has long been the quickest and easiest way for consumers here and overseas, to identify genuine Australian products,” he added. “It’s instantly recognised, it’s trusted and it works. So, if it’s Australian made, say it”

Businesses can register to use the Australian Made logo by contacting the Australian Made Campaign today on 1800 350 520 or visit their website.

Consumers looking to find genuine Australian-made or grown products click here.


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