Aussie Ark partners with WIRES for Australian wildlife

wildlife conservation
Koalas are one of a number of species that will benefit from the WIRES funding. Photo: Martin Valigursky – 123rf

Aussie Ark recently announced its partnership with WIRES, Australia’s largest animal rescue organisation, which recently granted the amount of $1,045,000 to the conservation organisation. 

Aussie Ark is committed to providing a long-term future for Australia’s threatened wildlife and the support of WIRES will have a considerable impact on the success of Aussie Ark’s conservation efforts. 

“My team and I are looking forward to working closely with WIRES,” Aussie Ark president Tim Faulkner said.

“By joining forces with WIRES, Aussie Ark will be able to increase twofold its efforts and outcomes towards the long-term recovery and conservation of native threatened fauna and their habitat.”  

“The rate of decline of so many native animal species is nothing short of alarming,” WIRES CEO Leanne Taylor added.

“We are so grateful that organisations such as Aussie Ark are committed to making a difference. Their efforts in protecting Australia’s rich fauna diversity will help ensure our unique native wildlife is sustained for future generations.”


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