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Aurizon-20ml-1Aurizon, a new  product formulation and  treatment for otitis externa in dogs, has been available in Europe, Canada and New Zealand for a number of years – and now in Australia. Prior to Aurizon’s introduction Ausrichter initiated a survey of small animal veterinary surgeons. The information from the survey indicated:

  • The case load of otitis externa was estimated to be 15% – 30% of cases presented at clinics making diagnosis and treatment of otitis externa a significant part of small animal practice
  • The tympanic membrane cannot be visualised in 30+% of dogs presented with otitis externa
  • The following product benefits were considered important for Aurizon
  • Once a day treatment – improves owner treatment compliance
  • Contains marbofloxacin a new antibiotic reserved for veterinary use only
  • Significant level of efficacy against gram negative bacteria including P aerugonisa
  • Superior clinical trial results compared to commonly prescribed treatments in Australia
  • Large clinical trial of 140 dogs with otitis externa were treated for 7 or 14 days with either Aurizon or Surolan (Janssen Animal Health; Issy–les-Monlineaux, France)
  • Results of treatment; Sixty nine dogs (95.8%) treated with Aurizon and 57 dogs (83.8%) treated with Surolan responded satisfactorily (i.e cured or clearly improved) (Vet Dermatology 2005; 16 299-307).

Ausrichter Animal Health is the distributor of Aurizon Ear Drops suspension.



  1. My dog has been shaking her head off and on for a bit so I took her to our veterinarian. She examined her ears and said they were irritated and red. She told us to use ear drops called Aurizon that she prescribed for a week to ten days one a day. We used them for five days and now her hearing is terrible almost deaf. Is this common? Will her hearing come back?

    • hi. My dog has chronic ear problems. He has just been prescribed Aurizon but I am wary after reading the contraindications on the box and more so, your post. has your dog’s hearing improved?

    • Did your dogs hearing return? I have just started these drops (seven days) and my dog appears to have lost his hearing


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