Assistance dogs partnership announced

assistance dogs
ADA CEO Richard Lord

Assistance Dogs Australia (ADA) recently announced Bravecto—Australia’s leading long-lasting paralysis tick and flea treatment for dogs—as their valued ‘Protector Partner’.

Confident their dogs will now be protected against potentially life-threatening paralysis ticks and irritating fleas, ADA will be able to focus on what it does best—training and placing unique dogs with Australian individuals and families in unique situations.

“We’re delighted to announce Bravecto as Protector Partner of Assistance Dogs Australia, providing flea and tick treatment to all our dogs in training, as well as our fully accredited assistance dogs placed with clients across Australia,” ADA CEO Richard Lord said.

“We have over 50 dogs being educated in our program at any one time and over 150 active accredited assistance dogs working in the community. Our growing organisation is dedicated to best practice training and welfare, so we are thrilled to have Bravecto as Protector Partner for our assistance dogs.”


  1. Havnt you heard of Dr Francis Pottenger (MD) who discovered that animals eating raw meat/raw milk did NOT get parasites like fleas. Unfortunately, Assistance Dogs eat only dry-food so they will get fleas and parasites. Its a shame that Assistance Dogs didn’t partner with a Raw Meaty Bones (RMB) diet. Don’t stress – I’m on a roadshow to every vet clinic, pet expo and animal shelter in Australian telling folks the truth! 2018 upcoming Parliament Pet Food Inquiry.


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