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Let’s face it, no-one likes filling in claim forms. So we’ve made pet insurance claim submissions easy. Our new Vet E-Claims solution will allow you to submit your customer’s claim as part of the vet consultation process. This not only makes it simple for customers but also reduces administration time and paper shuffling for your staff.

PetSure has teamed up with RxWorks to enable claims for Australia’s leading brands to be submitted electronically through RxWorks practice management software. To benefit from using Vet E-claims, register now and we will contact you with further details. Visit

Make life easier—Get Vet E-Claims for your practice

You’ll enjoy the following benefits with Vet E-Claims:

  • Save your customers time and effort by submitting their claims following the consultation process
  • No need to print invoices or consultation notes for customers
  • No forms to fill in
  • No transaction costs
  • Claims are resolved and paid faster

Note for vets: If you do not have access to RxWorks, PetSure’s Customer Service Portal is available for most of our brands for customers to directly submit their claims online. Veterinary consultation notes and paid invoice is all that is required; no claim form is needed. However, for their first claim, we still ask that the customer sends in their full vet history.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I submit a Vet E-Claim?

Submitting a claim on behalf of your client is easy. When submitting a claim for a patient for the first time, you simply create a patient insurance profile in RxWorks with information about their policy. Once the insurance policy is created, it’s easy to submit a claim for a customer. Just add the claim details, along with electronic copies of invoices, notes or any supporting documentation required, and send it electronically. Once we’ve connected you, we will send you a user guide on how to submit Vet E-Claims for all your insured clients.

2. Do I need to submit the pet’s full vet history with every claim?

This is only required for the pet’s first claim. For their subsequent claims, only the consultation notes related to the claim and the itemised invoice will be required. In a few special cases, we may ask for the veterinary history for the period in between two claims.

3. Do I need to wait until the full course of treatments is completed before I can submit a claim?

No. You may submit a claim for the treatments to date at any time so long as the invoice for those treatments has been paid.

4. Does the invoice need to be paid before I submit the claim?

Yes it does. PetSure’s current approach means that the customer provides you with payment for your services in the first instance, and we remit claim benefits to the customer/policyholder following processing of the claim. You will be required to agree to a relevant disclaimer each time you submit a claim.

5. Can I submit images, radiology reports and pathology results through E-Claims?

Yes. You can submit any of these files that are attached to the patient record.

6. Can I see a history of the claims for my patients?

Yes. All claims submitted through RxWorks are stored on patient records. Plus you will be able to see the status of all claims submitted, including the final outcome.

7. Do I still need to manage denied claims with my clients?

No, you will no longer need to spend time managing any denied claims, as customers will be contacted directly by us, and they will be provided with clear steps about the process to follow.

8. Do I need to upgrade my RxWorks?

You will need to be running version 4.9 to be able to connect to Vet E-Claims. The software upgrade is free of charge for existing RxWorks customers, and we will work closely with the team at RxWorks to make it a smooth experience. However, if your equipment or version of RxWorks is old, there may be costs involved in upgrading.

9. What should I do if I am not sure if a treatment will be covered for my patient?

You can contact PetSure’s Vet Hotline on 1300 838 457 (1300 VET HLP) for general enquiries about coverage provided by a policy. You can also obtain a pre-authorisation for a specific treatment or surgery, so that you and the customer can be certain that your estimated fees will be covered by an insurance claim under the terms of the policy. The pre-approval is a free service provided by PetSure for those customers that want peace of mind.

PetSure is the name behind pet insurance in Australia, and it’s the name that’s synonymous with support: for you as veterinarians, your clients and most importantly, their pets. As the underwriter and administrator for Australia’s household-name pet insurance brands, we provide support by insuring more pets than any other provider. We support your clients with carefully designed insurance policies that help them cover the cost of medical treatments for their pets. And, should you ever need support while you’re providing those vital treatments, we’re proud to offer it in the form of our vet-to-vet hotline.



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