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Working in the veterinary industry, you have made a commitment to your patients and their owners to provide the very best veterinary care possible. However, not having access to the right veterinary imaging equipment can significantly compromise your ability to deliver on this promise. This is where ARO Systems can help by offering full practice integration.

ARO Systems will help you make the most efficient use of your time. To help you gain efficiencies, increase productivity, and reduce errors, we recommend that you use leverage practice integration to automate all of the time-consuming administration in your veterinary practice.

ARO Systems is proud to announce our partnership RadmediX for the range of Acuity DR Flat Panel Detectors.

We offer the total solution for both large and small practices, including:

1. Computed Radiography

2. Digital Radiography

3. Image Storage in house

4. Cloud Image Storage

5. X-ray rooms

6. Portable X-ray equipment & accessories

7. Dental Solutions

8. Ultrasound … + Much Much More

T 1300 596 664; E;

Radmedix Acuity DR Flat Panel Detectors

Smart Portability & Best Image Quality for Limitless Performance.

  • Best in class resolution at 75 micron
  • Light weight, 10×12”; 1.9kg, 14×17” 2.9kg
  • Portable Touchscreen Laptop or Microsoft Surface Pro both 1kg or less
  • Hard case or soft case options
  • Full touchscreen vet interface
  • CsI and Gadox versions
  • IPX4 waterproof rating
  • Lossless AED
  • TRUEVIEW®ART Advanced Image Reconstruction Technology

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