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Equine care is a speciality of ARO Systems

Working in the equine veterinary industry, you have made a commitment to your patients and their owners to provide the very best veterinary care possible. However, not having access to the right veterinary imaging equipment can significantly compromise your ability to deliver on this promise. This is where ARO Systems can help by offering specific equipment for the task.

The ARO Systems RadmediX Equine DR systems offers a best in class 76 micron resolution and system weight of approximately 5kg including the laptop, DR panel and Podoblock protection box in a 10×12” system. ARO Systems will help you make the most efficient use of your time possible. To help you gain efficiencies, increase productivity, and reduce errors, we recommend that you use leverage our DICOM Cloud Service to automate your image storage and availability in your veterinary practice and mobile locations, anywhere, anytime.

We offer the total solution for both large and small practices, including:

  • Digital Radiography solutions
  • Equine positioning equipment
  • Portable X-ray equipment & accessories
  • Radiation protection equipment
  • Image Storage in house
  • Image Storage – Cloud
  • X Ray rooms
  • Dental Solutions
  • Ultrasound
  • & Much Much More

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Easily Store your images automatically by our revolutionary DICOM Cloud based system –Anywhere, Anytime & Secure. 

What our clients say

“For any practice that is looking to modernise their imaging equipment for the future, I would definitely recommend engaging ARO Systems. We have had an excellent experience working with them so far and look forward to doing so into the future.”

Bessy Rasmussen, Director, The University of Adelaide Veterinary Health Centres

Contact Read Hedditch, on 1300 596 664, Or Email him –


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