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Since its launch onto the Australian market in early 2018, Antinol® has become a keystone in arthritis management protocols for hundreds of veterinary practices. Antinol® is the latest advancement for a multimodal approach to canine osteoarthritis management, offering veterinarians an effective, safe and versatile long-term option. Randomised controlled trials have demonstrated the efficacy of Antinol®. Research is ongoing with force-plate gait analysis alongside NSAIDs being a priority in the last few years and into the future.

A major benefit of Antinol® is safety studies have shown no side effects for long- term use. There are no contraindications* for Antinol®, so it can be combined with NSAIDs, Cartrophen and other osteoarthritis products for enhanced case management options and patient mobility outcomes. The

active ingredient of Antinol®, PCSO-524®, is a unique marine lipid concentrate ex- tracted from the New Zealand green lipped mussel (GLM) Perna canaliculus. Decades of published peer-reviewed research firmly establishes Antinol® as superior to other natural joint products.

“Over the last 18 months Antinol® has been trialled extensively within my two small animal practices in Sydney with a focus on pa- tients presenting with osteoarthritis and joint pain. My colleagues and I were sceptical of its efficacy to begin with, however we have been pleasantly surprised by the feedback provided by clients wit- nessing dramatic improvement within the first 7 to 10 days.”

Dr Agnes Chiu, Casula Veterinary Hospital

The efficacy of Antinol® is due to the patented extraction and stabilisation process used to acquire PCSO-524®. Production is tightly monitored by both government and internal protocols, with full traceability from raw material to finished goods. This proprietary process ensures Antinol® is free of contaminants, such as heavy metals, toxins and pesticides. Antinol® is 100% lipids, so there are no seafood proteins that may result in aller- gies. It is also salt free, and free of other controversial ingredients such as shark cartilage. Antinol® gives veterinarians an effective, safe and versatile option when it comes to best practice multimodal man- agement of their osteoarthritis patients.

Vets have also shared some successful off-label uses for Antinol®. With a unique combination of free fatty acids, sterol esters, polar lipids and carotenoids the anti-inflammatory properties of the lipid profile is being applied by vets to manage skin and coat health, as well as other inflammatory conditions. The use of Antinol with cats suffering osteoarthritis and other inflammatory conditions has also been reported by vets, especially for cases where NSAIDs cannot be used. Antinol for cats is widely used in overseas markets, but it is considered an off-label use in Australia.

Antinol® helps vets to deliver gold standard patient care, while also providing the veterinary team additional touch points with clients.

Feedback received from Australian vets has shown that Antinol® is being used in the following ways:

1. As a first line choice for patients newly diagnosed with osteoarthritis

2. To enhance osteoarthritis management for patients receiving cartrophen

3. For any current patient with known joint disease

4. To reduce the reliance on long-term use NSAIDs.

5. Prophylactic use for patients predisposed to osteoarthritis development, such as those with conformation issues like hip dysplasia

6. Pre- and post-operatively for orthopaedic surgery patients

7. As an additional layer of management for patients receiving diets and supplement for joint health

8. For patients starting or currently undertaking a rehabilitation program

9. To improve mobility for facilitating exercise and weight loss in overweight patients

10. For senior and palliative care patients to improve quality of life and comfort

Antinol® is available through Cenvet Australia. For any technical queries about Antinol®, contact Dr Cybele May on 0437 214 026, or Dr Adele Blow on 0418 699 106. 

*Not tested in pregnant and lactating dogs

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