Alpha Mobility Solutions: Orthopedic braces for additional treatment options


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Balto is an Italian company specialising in the manufacture of high-quality dog supports and splints for veterinary professionals. These braces are adaptable and cover a wide range of applications. Some braces will assist you for pain management of joint arthritis, others are for protection of post surgical site, alternative to casts, and more complex supports of tendons and ligaments injuries. Balto orthopedic dog braces bring solutions to numerous specific musculoskeletal conditions for each step of your patient’s recovery.

dog braces

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Pain management

Balto braces when used without splints can support joints and help manage painful conditions such as Osteoarthritis, dysplasia, post arthroscopic surgery. Our braces are easy to fit and remove for everyday use. 

Post surgery

Our orthopedic braces provide post surgery solutions to protect surgical implants such as arthrodesis. They are also useful to prevent fracture relaps after cast removal or as a protection for wound management. Balto braces are comfortable and easy to remove for control x-rays. 

Additional options

We bring solutions to many musculoskeletal disorders such as medial shoulder instability, carpal hyperextension, ligament instability, Achilles tendon injury, knuckling toes, IVDD and ACL tear. 

Removable splints

Some of our braces feature removable aluminium splints in order to progressively adapt the level of support needed by the patient along the recovery period.

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