AJP hails animal bans and massive penalty increases for cruelty

animal cruelty penalties
Emma Hurst

The Animal Justice Party has strongly commended recently passed legislation in the NSW upper house that introduces the toughest animal cruelty penalties in Australia.

“I’ve been sickened by the pathetic penalties for animal abuse in NSW. A $700 fine for viciously stabbing a dog to death, a $900 fine for the abuse of 13 cows, and an $850 fine for throwing a 10-week-old kitten across a yard. Weak penalties do nothing to deter future abuse and fail to recognise the seriousness of animal cruelty offences,” AJP Member of Parliament Emma Hurst said

“Now animal abusers will face a fine of up to $44,000 and/or up to 12 months’ imprisonment for an act of cruelty. This is a massive eight-fold increase in animal abuse penalties, and it sends a strong message that animal abuse will not be tolerated.

“The legislation put forward by the NSW Government closely mimics the legislation to increase penalties I put forward last year,” Hurst added.

“The NSW Government were (finally) pushed into action—[this] result was because of our work together for animals.” 

In addition, an amendment has been passed by the AJP to ensure an individual convicted of bestiality or serious animal cruelty can no longer have animals in their care—ever.

A further amendment was passed by the AJP to ensure that interim court orders can be made (prior to conviction) to stop a person continuing to have animals in their care. This amendment will protect animals before courts finalise their proceedings.

Both amendments still need to pass in the lower house, before these changes are brought into law.

“Our next stop is puppy farming—this cruel industry is still legal in NSW,” Hurst said.

“Following [this latest] win, I am confident that by working together we will be able to end puppy farming cruelty as well.”


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