Agfa CR10-X digitiser


4.-CR-10-x_1084330We went from using an old-fashioned film processor with wet developing to this digital X-ray system. It took a little while to convince me but now I’m a convert. I can’t recommend the Agfa CR10-X digitiser system highly enough.

What’s good about it

This digital system is faster, less messy, more accurate and pretty easy to use. It has cut down our X-ray times significantly. For example, if I’m X-raying a dog’s hips in three different positions, that used to take about 20 minutes. It also took the machine about 10 minutes to heat up. I can now have the whole procedure completed in under 10 minutes.

Reducing the X-ray time means that you’re also reducing the time that the animal is under anaesthetic or sedation. The amount of X-ray exposure to the animals and staff is also reduced.

The image can be manipulated easily and enlarged to focus on one particular area. This makes diagnostics much easier. The results appear very quickly and it’s a simple matter to email them to clients or specialists. We are about to set up our system so the images are automatically stored in the patient files.

The fact that we no longer deal with toxic chemicals makes this system much more environmentally friendly. Any practice that is still using the old style X-rays should seriously consider upgrading to digital. It’s a fantastic system.

What’s not so good

If you take an underexposed or overexposed X-ray, it can be tempting to manipulate the quality digitally when you should really take a better X-ray. It’s important not to over-diagnose things on a bad quality X-ray that has been digitally enhanced. Just take the X-ray again!

Where did you get it

Allrad Imaging Solutions.

By Dr Ele Hunt, Manningham Vet Clinic, Bulleen, VIC.



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