Activet Pro: User-friendly laser for vets and nurses

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Laser therapy is changing the way Dr Sarah Tomlinson treats a range of conditions.

Dr Sarah Tomlinson of the Meadows Veterinary Centre in South Australia first heard about laser therapy through a medical doctor. He was getting amazing results with his human patients, particularly in regard to faster wound healing and reducing chronic inflammation.

Not one to jump in at the deep end, Dr Tomlinson trialled a number of different lasers before settling on the Activet Pro.

“The advantages of the Activet Pro were obvious,” she says. “It’s very user-friendly and much easier to operate than every other laser we trialled. It’s also a super pulsing laser which means it doesn’t overheat and is safe to use without eye protection.”

laser therapyIt is very difficult to cover the eyes of stressed animals or to keep them looking in a certain direction. Unfortunately, the ensuing struggle can sometimes lead to the animal, vet or nurse being flashed in the eyes. The Activet Pro does away with that problem completely. “We love the fact that we don’t have to worry about looking at the light,” says Dr Tomlinson.

However, the biggest advantage of the Activet Pro laser, according to Dr Tomlinson, is that it’s impossible to burn the patient. This allows the laser to be used on everything from skin conditions to killing bacteria in ear canals to arthritis.

One type of patient that Dr Tomlinson hates to see at her surgery is a horse that has gone through a fence. The damage to their legs can be extensive and they must be bandaged for weeks, or even months, at a time. Using the Activet Pro in these cases has seen a marked improvement in wound healing and a reduction in scarring.

“The healing is much faster and the overall look at the end of the treatment is fantastic,” says Dr Tomlinson. “Our clients have been very happy with the results.”

The Activet Pro works equally well on small animal wounds and this veterinarian has used it on many animals involved in car accidents. “One dog I treated had paralysis in his entire forelimb,” says Dr Tomlinson. “We focused the laser along the spine, neck and down the back to stimulate the nerves. Eventually the dog regained function from his shoulder to his elbow. This was an amazing result as the owner had waited months before starting treatment and muscle atrophy had already set in.”

The Activet Pro excels in the reduction of swelling and inflammation. When Dr Tomlinson was faced with treating a small dog that had been run over by a car, the prognosis was grim. The dog had a fractured pelvis and extreme swelling was stopping the animal from defecating or urinating. Laser therapy with the Activet Pro saw the swelling reduce and the dog was able to urinate and defecate normally.

“It’s such an amazing piece of technology,” says Dr Tomlinson. “We’re constantly amazed at what it can do. The potential for the Activet Pro laser in our practice is huge. It’s perfectly safe, the vets and nurses love using it, and the clients are blown away by the results. What’s not to like!”

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