ABAXIS Vet Diagnostics The ABAXIS VetScan® VS2 just got even better

The VetScan Vue

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The comprehensive ABAXIS VetScan® VS2 now provides the easiest and fastest way to monitor phenobarbital, one of the most common drugs used to treat seizures. Monitoring epileptic patient treatment requires precise diagnostic tools to verify that the therapeutic dose is within effective range without adversely affecting the liver. The new ABAXIS VetScan® Phenobarbital Profile delivers all necessary liver parameters and phenobarbital level on a single convenient panel—in just 12 minutes and with only three drops of whole blood.

The Phenobarbital Profile is the newest profile from ABAXIS, following the recent release of the ABAXIS VetScan® Preventative Care Profile Plus and ABAXIS VetScan® Electrolyte Panel—bringing the total number of comprehensive panels to 13!

The VetScan VS2

The new Preventive Care Profile Plus provides a panel of 15 parameters to allow for cost-effective monitoring of liver enzyme activity, patients on long-term medications, and early information on acid-base status. Testing the quantity of electrolytes is needed for the diagnosis of renal, endocrine, acid-base and many other conditions. Electrolytes, needed for the evaluation of renal and endocrine function, have been available on multiple ABAXIS VetScan® panels but are now available as a separate rotor. The ABAXIS VetScan® Electrolyte Panel may serve as a stand-alone profile or can complete information derived from other profiles (such as e.g.). The Electrolyte Panel serves as a cost-effective alternative to monitor for fluid-therapy acid-base status and recheck information for different conditions.

And coming soon: the first test that can confirm canine pancreatitis without the need for delayed confirmation from a reference lab. Available exclusively on ABAXIS’s new rapid test analyzer—the VetScan® Vue—the VetScan® cPL rapid test complements the comprehensive diagnostic capabilities provided from the VetScan VS2. Pancreas-specific Lipase is the most reliable indicator of pancreatitis in canine patients. This test should be considered for patients with abdominal pain, acute or recurrent vomiting, or diminished appetite. With the ABAXIS VetScan® Vue, the VetScan® cPL Rapid Test removes subjectivity from interpretation of results by providing semi-quantitative results in minutes.

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