A timely reminder to take care of pets’ teeth

pet dental health

August is Pet Dental Health Month and Pet Insurance Australia is reminding pet owners of the importance of dental care and hygiene for their pets

“August is Dental Care Awareness Month,” Pet Insurance Australia spokesperson Nadia Crighton said. “Now is the time to ensure your pet’s dental regime is up to standard.”

Dental health is more than just a mouthful of pearly whites. For cats and dogs, the health of their teeth and gums can signify much more. Dr Chris Papantonio from Colyton Vet Hospital in NSW is all too familiar with the issues when it comes to looking after the dental care of our pets.

“Dental disease can lead to tooth decay and gum disease potentially causing the loss of teeth or tooth root abscesses,” Dr Papantonio said. 

“The bacteria in the mouth can cause severe bone infections or infected fistulas (holes) into the nasal cavity. The bacteria in the mouth can also enter the bloodstream and cause damage to other organs such as the heart, liver or kidneys.”

Periodontal disease or dental disease can lead to serious bacterial infections.

“If this bacteria leeches into the bloodstream it can have serious consequences for the beloved animal,” Crighton added.

The best defence is prevention. Having dental check-ups, and regular professional cleaning is paramount.


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