A potential new customer questions Vepalabs & gets a resounding No!

veterinary pathology equipment

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I was on the phone with a potential new customer the other day. A lovely vet seemed a little surprised by the answers to her questions. She wasn’t familiar with us and needed to know if a particular analyser would suit her clinic. The conversation went something like this…

Jack Mainprize – Business Manager at Vepalabs

Q. I don’t have an account with you guys, do I have to fill in a credit application?”

A. “No.”

Q. “So I have to pay in advance before you send me anything?”

A. “No.”

Q. “Really? So how long will it take to set up my account?”

A. “Already done. I found your website just now. That’s all the info we need.”

Q. “I’ve heard Vepa has 24/7 support, 365 days a year. With a real person who knows the products answering the phone. Do I have to pay extra for that?”

A. “No.”

Q. “And how about service and maintenance on the analysers? Are there any extra charges?”

A. “No.”

Q. “Sorry, but this is the strangest conversation I’ve had with a diagnostic supplier in a while…”

A. “Thanks. I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Q. “Someone told me the cost of Vepa’s chemistry panels are 20% less than your bigger competitor’s. Is that true?”

A. “No. It’s more like 40% less.”

Q. “Holy smokes! So, I’m hoping I can trial the analyser to see if it suits us. Will I have to pay for that?”

A. “No.”

Q. “Great. How long can I have it for?”

A. “Three months at least. We like you to bed it down into your routine before you decide. But if you need more time, you can have it for longer.”

Q. “Awesome! I suppose I’ll have to pay for the first lot of tests and consumables, right?”

veterinary pathology equipment

A. “No.”

Q. “Eh?”

A. “Vepa doesn’t think you should gamble a single dollar on the quality or suitability of our products. That’s not your risk to take on, it’s ours.”

Q. “Wow. I had another question. What’s the date life on the tests? We’ve been caught out before with expired tests and lost a lot of money. Is that likely to happen with this analyser?”

A. “No. It doesn’t happen with any of our analysers or tests because we have an expiry guarantee. You won’t be left with the cost of expired stock ever again.”

Q. “You’re kidding, right?”

A. “No.”

Q. “Seriously? You’re just making all my problems go away. Can I come up to Brisbane and give you a big hug?”

A. “NO!”

Give me a call on 0448 174083 if you want someone to say “No” to you a lot. Big Shout out to the AVA on all they have done in the past 100 years and what they will do for the next 100! 

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