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The desire for practices to increase profitability whilst delivering great patient outcomes and being an employer of choice is a common aspiration for many practices around Australia despite their size and location. However, with staffing priorities, surgery, client expectations, patient emergencies and managing a business, the hours in a week quickly disappear. When it comes to creating traction around the various key drivers that can make a positive impact on profitability and efficiency, practices are often at a disadvantage due to various priorities, pre-existing commercial terms with suppliers, practice size and market knowledge around what is, in fact, on offer. 

IVA help us run our business more efficiently. IVA have negotiated excellent rebates and discounts with many of our suppliers, for both goods and services.

ROSEMARY LAING Co-Owner / Bungendore Veterinary Surgery

The next logical question is where does a practice start to make such an impact? The team at Independent Vets of Australia (IVA) have been working with their large network of independent practices to bring simple solutions and great results to practices across Australia. The large network of practices allows vet owners and managers to improve their results, grow with like-minded individuals, remain competitive and optimise the value and profitability of their practice. The network of solutions from industry experts, peers and partners allow practice owners and managers to spend more time doing the things they love whilst achieving better results in the areas they are focused on. The great news is that the established network of partnerships available through IVA often means only small incremental changes are needed with plenty of up-side. The key areas of impact for a practice include: 

1. Revenue growth

2. COGS savings

3. Overhead savings

4. Team capability

5. Owner capability

6. Collaboration and support

To enhance the outcomes for veterinary practices and support profitability, IVA represents its members across a range of areas. Its been clear for some time that the landscape for independently owned practices is changing. A large portion of practices want to remain independent and local and be connected to their communities. Many practice owners know what they want to achieve; they simply need a stronger platform to work from. That’s why we exist as a cooperative to provide a strong network for independent practices. In representing practices as a collective, individual practices are becoming more competitive and profitable, maximising their time and results and optimising the value of their business. Whether you are a single vet or multivet practice or even a practice group we have identified significant advantages when it comes to savings, time and resources. 

Unity is strength and through IVA we can work together for the benefit of our clients, patients and each other. IVA are genuinely interested in helping independent vets succeed. They provide focused personal service.

JIM THOMPSON Owner / Turramurra Veterinary Hospital

Being part of a cooperative network is a much easier way to move the needle and get great results. 

As a cooperative network for veterinary practices in Australia, IVA connects practices of all sizes with a comprehensive portfolio of partnerships and combined arrangements that surpass what an individual clinic can achieve on their own. Strategic partnerships within the veterinary industry and thoughtful negotiations have resulted in the increased ability of practices to grow profits, enhance satisfaction around practice ownership and increase synergy around various practice functions. Independent practices need to be supported so they can be their best and continue to contribute to their local communities.

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