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Despite size and location Australian Veterinary Practices share common aspirations and navigate similar operational and managerial challenges throughout various stages of operating. The overarching desire for practices is to increase profitability whilst delivering great patient outcomes. However, with staffing priorities, surgery, client expectations, patient emergencies and managing a business the hours in a week quickly disappear. When it comes to creating synergy around the various components that can make a positive impact on profitability and efficiency, practices are often at a disadvantage due to various priorities, pre-existing commercial terms with suppliers, practice size and market knowledge around what is in fact on offer. 

So how does a practice assess its current arrangements in contrast to what is possible and move ahead? The approach to assessing health problems offers some clues. The diagnosis of a health problem is based on training, experience and probability. Some health problems are common, others are rare. Some problems occur more commonly in young animals, other problems are more common in aged pets. Some problems are breed or location specific. To enhance the outcomes for veterinary practices and support profitability in veterinary practice Independent Vets of Australia (IVA) represents its members across a range of areas. In representing practices as a collective, single to multi-vet multi-site member practices are reducing their costs of goods, accessing beneficial partnerships, and developing their practices with IVA Membership. “In the majority of estimates we have completed to date we have identified significant advantages for practices which ultimately provide a NETT positive result. Being part of a cooperative is a much easier way to move the needle if you consider the alternative of increasing your profitability through increased revenue to break even with what you could receive through IVA”.  

If you’ve already put some time into maximising profit and efficiencies how much more ahead can you get? A good diagnostic assessment will help. Estimates give veterinary practice owners a comprehensive overview of the specific benefits for a practice as they enable a practice to take an apples versus apples approach to evaluate what’s possible and available.  In the end, an estimate will either uncover opportunities or at the very least give you comfort in what you’re already doing so you can push forward with what’s important. Knowing what is best for your business can be difficult when you have no comparison. 

As a cooperative for veterinary practices in Australia, IVA gives practices of all sizes a comprehensive network of partners with arrangements that surpass what individual clinics can generally achieve on their own. Strategic partnerships within the veterinary industry and thoughtful negotiations are resulting in the increased ability of practices to increase profits, enhance satisfaction around practice ownership and increase synergy around various practice functions. On the 19th to 21st of September the Independent Vets of Australia Synergy Conference will be held at Pier One in Sydney. Over three days practice owners, associates and managers will learn how to accelerate practice success through collaboration with key speakers, partners, fellow owners and managers. International speaker and author Dr Peter Weinstein will present across the three days including topics such as Education Marketing, Patients for Life, Customer Experience, Corporations and workshops around his book entitled EMyth The Veterinarian – Why Most Veterinary Practices Don’t Work and What to Do About It. Guest speakers will share insights and solutions around Managing People, Thriving in Practice, Solutions to the Vet Drought, 2020 Planning & Social Media. Working in (and on) a veterinary practice requires agility, collaboration and determination. The IVA Synergy Conference is designed to enable practices to identify and establish the strategies within a practice that will work synergistically towards a common goal to create success. Full details are available online at ivaconference.com.au.

What our members say:

“Unity is strength and through IVA we can work together for the benefit of our clients, patients and each other. IVA are genuinely interested in helping independent vets succeed. They provide focused personal service.”

JIM THOMPSON, Owner, Turramurra Veterinary Hospital

“Saves me a whole bunch of money. It goes without saying the obvious things with IVA is it’s better for your practice, they save you money and they have an infinite amount of resources available to you.”

ANGELA SUTHERLAND, Owner, Maraboon Veterinary Surgery

To learn more, call Corey Vella, General Manager on 0400 659 939 or 1300 83 85 83 or info@independentvetsofaustralia.com.au

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