A note from Dr Magdoline Awad, Chief Veterinary Officer at Greencross Vets

COVID-19 Greencross Vets
Dr Magdoline Awad, Greencross Vets Chief Veterinary Officer, with Rex.

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In my over 25 years of being a vet, this is close to the most challenging situation that our profession has ever faced. We’re classified as front-line health care providers and our ability to provide this essential service is critical to the health and welfare of animals across Australia.

As an organisation, we have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of our teams, so that we can continue to provide the highest quality care for our clients and their pets. At Greencross we know we are in a similar situation to many of our fellow veterinary colleagues so it’s important that over the coming weeks and months we collaborate and share our knowledge and resources.

We will continue to work closely with the AVA and members of our profession across Australia and overseas during this difficult time. Together we can learn and adapt to this new way of life. We’re planning for all scenarios so we can ensure our teams feel protected, supported and safe. 

Being a vet is a rewarding but challenging career, and during these unprecedented times we are now faced with unique difficulties. We know that it may feel overwhelming, but if we unite as a profession and adapt to these new challenges, we can get through this together.

What we’re doing at Greencross Vets: 

  • Enhanced safety and cleaning protocols.
  • Supporting our team with a generous leave policy, with benefits above and beyond what is required
  • Offering minimal-contact consulting and care; Tele-medicine and support for clients and pets in isolation
  • Supporting the wellbeing of our team members through our EAP
  • Keeping clients and teams informed; providing updated information as it comes to hand from WHO,WSAVA and AVA on our website: www.greencrossvets.com.au/customernotice/ 


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